SkyDrop Vario

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SkyDrop Vario

SkyDrop – världens lättaste Vario med GPS!

SkyDrop har en ultralätt och kompakt design och är fullproppad med många funktioner. SkyDrop passar alla typer av skärmflyg- och hängflygpiloter som vill ha ett lättviktsinstrument som samtidigt är väldigt prisvärt. Hike&Fly piloter kommer älska SkyDrop för sin nätta vikt på 68 gram och med dubbla batterier väger den endast 88 gram.

Multiple screens with widgets can be personalized to achieve maximum performance while flying. SkyDrop connected via Bluetooth interface is compatible with Android and iOS based XC apps works as ultimate flight computer.


  • vario – analog / digital / average, acoustic signalization, graph history
  • flight loggs – IGC/KML  validated by FAI CIVL, accepted for FAI Category 1 competitions
  • GPS – ground speed, heading, glide ratio
  • wind speed and direction
  • altimeters – 5 adjustable altimeters (relative, absolute, GPS or QNH mode)
  • height above ground level (AGL) – update terrain data into SkyDrop HERE
  • fully customizable – multiple screens with configurable layouts and widgets
  • Android connectivity – XCTrack, FlyMe, XCSoar, LK8000, TopHat, Sky Land Tracker, Paragliding Dashboard
  • iOS connectivity – FlySkyHy, SkyLogger, SkyLogger XXL
  • digital compass
  • G-meter
  • weak lift detection (pre-thermal buzzer)
  • odometer
  • bearing and distance from take-off
  • flight diary
  • fly time, real time clock
  • auto take off and landing
  • UART output (for E-readers connection)

next features (in process):

  • waypoint navigation
  • every future feature will be available for free for SkyDrop owners


built-in hardware:

  • transflective LCD graphical display with backlight
  • precise pressure sensor MS5611
  • GPS receiver L80-M39
  • Bluetooth PAN1026
  • SD card storage for tracklogs
  • digital compass, accelerometer and gyroscope LSM9DS0
  • humidity and temperature sensor SHT21
  • RGB LED signal light

dimensions: 28x62x15 mm

battery type: Li-Poly single cell 900 mAh (USB rechargeable)

battery life:

  • only audio mode 13h
  • audio + altitude logger, without GPS 12h
  • audio + bluetooth 10h
  • audio + GPS logger 9h
  • audio + GPS logger + bluetooth 7.5h

battery life for double battery version:

  • only audio mode 26h
  • audio + altitude logger, without GPS 24h
  • audio + bluetooth 20h
  • audio + GPS logger 18h
  • audio + GPS logger + bluetooth 15h

Rear cover is made by 3D print from special material resistant to sunlight and heat. Therefore its surface is not perfectly smooth but covered with thin lines. 

Paketet innehåller

  • SkyDrop vario 
  • plastic holder with velcro and straps for mounting 
  • safety twine
  • USB data&charging cable
  • user manual


​Riser mount instructions for use: Place one of the velcro pieces on the back side of SkyDrop. Another velcro piece place on the plastic holder. Take two straps and grip the plastic holder to your riser (straps will fit into narrow part at both ends). When you grip the holder with two straps, then cut off what was left from straps. At the end just add SkyDrop to holder.


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SkyDrop (Blue)
SkyDrop (Orange)
SkyDrop (Green)

Pris & beställning:

Vårt pris: 2790 kr

Normal leveranstid: 1-3 dagar

Fraktkostnad: 75 kr

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