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Charly Snaplock

Med nyutvecklade Charly Snaplock får du en otroligt slitstark karbin som dessutom är väldigt lätt. Karbinen är gjord i Titanal med en vikt på endast 76 gram per karbin. Enligt Charly så gör den nya konstruktionen att risken för twist också minskar. Går att använda för singel, tandem och paramotorflygning. Finns i lager för direkt leverans!

» Brottlast: 3,000 DaN*
» Brottlast (öppen karbin): 2,000 DaN*
» Belastning utan kvarstående deformation (öppen karbin): 1,600 DaN*
» Utbytningsinterval för singelpilotor: 5 år
» Utbytningsinterval för tandempiloter: 2 år
» Titanal material (aluminium med Titan legering)
» Vikt: 76 g/st
» Inre mått: 60 mm

* 1 DaN (dekanewton) = 10 newton ≈ 1 kg

250 kr/karbin (finns just nu i lager)

Vill du beställa så använd vårt kontaktformulär.

Detaljerad information (på engelska)

5-year replacement interval:
With the Snaplock, Finsterwalder is now also offering a paragliding karabiner with the popular twistlock whose fatigue strength was tested by an accordingly licensed institute. Karabiners with such a proof are now mandatort for the readmission of harnesses. Until now, for karabiners with a conventional lock a guarantee could be issued for only two years respectively for a limited number of operating hours.
The Snaplock’s design in combination with the high strength of the Titanal material now enable a guarantee of five years in mono use and of two years for the use in tandems.

Safer and lighter:
The Snaplock resists 14 kN without incurring damage even with open gate – this is more than four times as much as the hitherto common steel karabiners can bear. It is thus unproblemtic should the Snaplock once be loaded with open gate. Also the breaking load of at least 30 kN with closed gate is a new top mark. Using Snaplock karabiners with only 76 g per piece instead of steel karabiners, a weight reduction at the harness of about 150 g is achieved.

Suitable not only for 25 mm webbings:
The Snaplock is suitable for modern lightweight harnesses with a webbing width of 25 mm or less. However, it also fits into the formerly common 44 mm webbings if they can be tucked in as pictured and if the loops are long enough. This is the case if a rod with a minimum diameter of 20 mm fits through the loops.
At harnesses with tight loops, the Snaplock is mounted via the gate side of the karabiner. (see mounting directions for harnesses with a webbing width of 44 mm).

The single twistlock is easy to operate as the gate does not need to be pushed down to be opened. As both parts of the Snaplock’s locking hook are closed, the paraglider webbings do not get caught whilst hooking in and out.

By means of its prominent nose, the Snaplock can be mounted at the harness in such a way that a sidewise turning of the karabiner is reliably prevented. Additionally, there is the possibility for harness manufacturers to attach back straps above the nose. The back support can thus be drastically improved.


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